New ICmoji Game Reveal

(Actual map will look different)
The ones who have been following the ICmoji project long enough will know that our team is dedicated to make ICmojis as versatile as possible. The first roadmap included a game reveal scheduled by the end of October. This is that game reveal! More than 4,000 players have already battled in ICmoji Origins — the multiplayer strategy game built on the Internet Computer — using the ICmoji NFT collection as playable cards. With this new game we are introducing a single player mode where you defeat bosses, level-up ICmojis, conquer towers and explore the world of ICmojis and their lore with some P2E twists that we have not yet seen on the IC.

First, we would like to thank all of you who have already picked up an ICmoji to play with or collect. These ICmojis will be how you start your journey in our new game “ICmoji Adventures”. There will be a world map to explore filled with towers — each telling a different story with unique levels / floors and a bosses to defeat. Each tower will reveal a new piece of lore and grant you rewards. Let’s dive into all of these!

Towers and Bosses

When you arrive at a tower, you will start at the first floor and work your way to the top by defeating each floor’s challenge. Each floor can contain one enemy or many, some milestone floors will contain mini-bosses and the final boss awaits at the top floor of the tower.

In our current game — ICmoji Origins — you come up with a strategy before the battle to challenge other players’ missions. In ICmoji Adventures the enemies have their own fixed strategies. On each floor you will first assemble your team of ICmojis, after you’ve formed your team the fight begins. All fights are turn-based which means you will have to choose your moves carefully each turn to counter the moves of your enemy.

Enemies get increasingly more difficult to defeat as you move up the floors of each tower. The final bosses are especially challenging to beat each having unique abilities and lengthy health bars. Once defeated however you are given the option to level up one of your ICmojis.

Each new tower we release will be more difficult than the last, giving players progressively more difficult challenges as you level up your ICmojis.

Leveling up ICmojis

So how does leveling up work exactly?

  • Each ICmoji will be given base stats and abilities.
  • Once you defeat a boss you will have the option to increase the level of any ICmoji used to defeat it
  • Leveling up will increase the power of your ICmoji’s stats and abilities
  • Stats increase at random up to a fixed maximum, so in some cases you may get a max stat increase and in others you may not be so lucky.
  • You will always have a choice to reject a level up and beat the tower again for the chance to get a better one.
  • You can unlock up to two extra abilities per ICmoji, the first ability is considered a rare ability with a low chance to occur on level up, the second ability is a legendary with a very low chance of occurring.
  • Your ICmoji’s levels will go up to a maximum of 99.
  • Legendary bosses will be extremely challenging and may take weeks to defeat, defeating them comes with its own rewards such as the ability to upgrade the appearance of your ICmoji (more on this to be revealed at a later date)
  • You can reset an ICmoji’s stats and abilities and start over if you wish

Play to Earn

This all sounds fun, but how can I make money? There will be fans who master this game and maybe even profit from it. While you’re in the process of leveling up ICmojis, you have the chance to sell them at any point. By allowing you to defeat bosses and only keep your very best level ups you can create fully optimized ICmojis at level 99 which will be very valuable because of the effort required to build them, they can then be sold on the marketplace to those who don’t want to put the effort into building out “perfect” ICmojis which will be required to defeat legendary bosses. The first player to defeat each legendary boss will also get special rewards for their efforts. We plan to create some insanely strong bosses for the most dedicated of you who will attempt to beat them. More details to be revealed in the upcoming months. Loyal Members on our Discord will be the first to know any new developments. As closing remarks let us say thank you for all the ones joining us on this journey and for showing support! A game like this takes a long time to develop, so we appreciate your patience. We will move as fast as we can, but not faster. You want a great game later and not an “okay” game fast. With that said: The ICmoji team has two main goals. 1.  To reward people who support the project by making their ICmojis more valuable 2.  To make the games fun and fair for everyone If we change any of the game elements written above, it will be to better fulfill these two goals.