How to Play THE GAME Free

How to play video coming soon!

Game Mechanics

Indicates you dealt 1.5x damage with a stronger element

Indicates you dealt 0.5x damage with a weaker element

Physical Damage

Has no weakness or strength, always deals 1x damage

True Damage & Life Steal

Always deals exact damage shown regardless of ATK/DEF


1 Attack Gives +1 Damage to every attack
(including each multi hit)


2 Defense Gives -1 Damage taken from every attack
(including each multi hit)

Tank – Front Rank Unit
Must be killed before other units can be targeted,
very high HP/DEF with low damage

Fighter – Mid Rank Unit
Good all-around unit with mid-high HP/DEF/Damage

Ranger – Back Rank Unit
Has traps, mid to low HP/DEF with mid-high damage

Mage – Back Rank Unit
Strongest healers and high damage, mid to low HP/DEF